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Our bodies are so full of wisdom. Let’s remember together.

Hey, I’m Marissa and I guide people into a holistic understanding & connection to their cycle, womb & pelvic bowl. I am deeply invested in the practice of consciously coming back into the body as a place of wisdom & knowing. As a deep student of menstrual, moon & earth rhythms, I help you remember that your body is full of wisdom and can become not only a safe place to be, but an ally & teacher on your path. 

The body is a map to the cosmos. 

I blend together the physiologic, emotional, energetic & spiritual elements elements of menstrual cycle awareness, holistic pelvic care and womb wellness. It is my feeling that as we journey into our own bodies - what they know, hold, remember, through blood, tissue & bone - we begin to make our way into the cosmos. 



FLUENCY: Menstrual Literacy & Radical Self Care is my foundations course. This course breaks down each phase of the cycle: Menstrual, Pre-Ovulatory, Ovulatory & Pre-Menstrual into the physiology, psycho-spiritual, creative & self care elements of each phase and is the foundational course to begin your or deepen into your journey with your cycle. Fluency is fully pre-recorded and self-paced study that you get full access to immediately.

Click here to learn more about Fluency.


Encompass: Menstrual Mystery School

Encompass is a 10 week online group program that is truly an alchemical container for change, healing, growth and loving self-awareness. The curriculum is based on the feeling that every body & menstrual cycle is it’s very own mystery school. In this program we are guided by the dynamic cyclical wisdom of womb, earth & moon cycles. This is a deeper dive & transformational journey. I run Encompass twice a year. Fall 2019 Session Dates TBA. Click here to learn more about Encompass. 




the menstrualis

I typically send out newsletters once or twice every moon cycle + to announce certain offerings.

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