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Earth & Body Based Ways For Cyclical Beings


Menstrual, Moon + Earth Rhythms


Upcoming classes

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Pussy & Permaculture: Body Ecology & Conscious Contraception w/ Samantha Zipporah
February 2019

Body ecology centering pussy & the the divine design of the ovulatory cycle as place of origin & zone zero. This offering invites us to learn from the immense power of female fertility & sexuality in the context of permaculture principles.

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Let’s Get Cyclical: An Intro to the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness with Vienna Farlow
March 2019

Over two hours, we will review the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system (the sex ed you should have had but didn't), what a healthy menstrual cycle really looks like, and how to observe and chart signs of ovulation, including cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and cervix positioning.


TEND: Nervous System + Menstrual health with Marissa Correia
April 2019

Fast-paced, production-oriented time around us will ask us daily to dishonor our bodies and push past our limits. In this class we will look at the real impacts of this on our bodies and discuss ways that we can come back to a body-centered way of living which supports the vitality of all of life.


Earth & Body-Based

Each month you will receive 1 live class on a unique topic pertaining to menstruality and holistic womb wellness from different educators, healers, practitioners and guides in the field. Every new and full moon you will receive digital bundles that go with the theme of the month including things like audio practices, meditations, home exercises, journal prompts, interviews, recipes and the like, created by an array of different contributors just for Cyclical Body Members. We will gather together in a virtual circle with each earth-based celebration (solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter days) to honor the cycles and seasons with the body and the earth.


Cycles That Teach

Our offerings promote body literacy as well as a reverence towards the wisdom of the body and the creative cycle of menstruation which aims to change the conversation between you and your body. When we allow the cycle to be our teacher, then the teacher lives inside of us, and is reflected all around us in the phases of the moon & seasons of the earth.


Body Wisdom

The body holds knowing and information. The body is a place of wisdom. As we cultivate this understanding, we deepen into alignment with ourselves.


Womb Wellness

Our teachers and contributors are midwives, birthworkers, herbalists, full spectrum doulas, abortion educators & companions, councilors, reproductive health practitioners, healers, artists, activists, bodyworkers, earth stewards, movers, makers & so much more. Holistic womb wellness takes into account the whole being, as well as the whole community, society & greater woven context of what it means to be in a body with a uterus/womb-space.




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