Body Love Affirmations


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Body love affirmations by: marissa correia

My body is a safe, loving, glorious home.

I am at home in my body.

In my body is a safe place to be.

My muscles are relaxed, soft, strong & responsive. My pelvic floor is relaxed, soft, strong & responsive. My jar is relaxed & soft.

My shoulders are relaxed & soft.

My pelvic floor is soft, vibrant & responsive.

The fascia of my body knows joy & pleasure.

The fascia of my body releases old stories & ways of being.

The fascia of my body knows unconditional love.

The current of my blood flows with courage to and from my heart.

My circulation is healthy & vital, all the way to the furthest parts of me. All of my organs are saturated with blood, oxygenated & full of life.

My hormones are in a balanced dance.

My endocrine system is brilliant.

My adrenals are so smart, they know when to rest.

My nervous system is resilient, responsive & adaptable.

I love my body.

My body loves me.

— Body Love Affirmations by Marissa Correia originally made for Cyclical Body Members

These are not to be reproduced without permission.*