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october 2019


You might think that our modern western culture is devoid of ritual, but actually we are doing ritual all of the time, it’s just never been made conscious for most of us. Checking our phones, brushing our teeth, making coffee in the morning, sitting in traffic at the same time everyday, etc. These are all rituals. Rituals that involve our body, mind & spirit and inform us on what our lives are and what it means to be in a body. Becoming conscious of ritual in our own practices to me is less about adding things on and more about reclaiming and deconstructing. Ritual shouldn’t feel like a task, or like some self-care piece to check off the list of our auxiliary self-care after we’ve completed our capitalism list of the day. Ritual can become an orientation. And what better place to look for ritual than the menstrual cycle?

This class is based on the publication by the same title that Marissa wrote and released last year. You will learn rituals for each of the phases & transition points in the menstrual cycle, as an offering that you can make to your cyclical body and that will hopefully deepen your relationship and help you feel supported as you change throughout a cycle. All of the rituals are very simple, and earth & body-based. For the most part you will not need to go out and get anything for these rituals. They are simple and practical, and have the power to completely change how you relate to your life as a cyclical being in a cyclical body.

november 2019


The womb is a spirit door.
The profound waxing & waning of spirit into matter moves here.
People h

ave always had abortions & miscarriages. As many as half of all conceptions do not end in live birth. These pregnancy experiences are alchemical rites of passage that deserves respect, community, support, & dialogue. Suffering & trauma are not inherent to these experiences, they are situational, subjective, & largely culturally inflicted. In this offering Samantha Zipporah will help us find answers to the following questions & more…

  • What do miscarriage & abortion have in common with one another, with birth, & menstruation? 

  • What are both clinical & home options for safe pregnancy release experiences?

  • What foods, plant medicines, & other practical choices facilitate physical healing? 

  • What can we learn from multi-cultural traditional postpartum care practices, rituals, & ceremonies about how to care for all pregnancy releases?

  • What are some universal “doula skills”, pain coping , & mindfulness practices that apply to all types of pregnancy release?


Samantha Zipporah is a practical & radical medicine woman. She serves her curiosity & community by offering love & education for navigating the womb continuum. Samantha has been tracking her menstrual cycle for 20 years & her ovulation for 13, has taught sex ed classes for youths, adults, & practitioners, been a doula for birth, abortion, miscarriage, & infant loss. Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biochemistry & biology, & nourished by playfulness, sass, & reverent spirituality.

december 2019


This will be a very special and celebratory month, where instead of a class, I (Marissa) will be interviewing different people in the field of womb wellness. Most of whom have offered classes or moon offerings for the membership throughout these last 11 months, and some will be folks who are new to the membership. Stay tuned for the lineup, it’s gonna be so good!

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july 2019


Obsidian Womb Massage - connect with the body and the womb through touch in this workshop led by menstrual health herbalist, Raven Rose. Womb massage is a practice that has helps to restore balance, fertility, and creative flow to the womb. Through touch we deepen our connection to the womb and help facilitate the release of stuck and stagnant energies. Physically, womb massage helps to restore uterine position, bring balance to the menstrual cycles, and aids in digestion. By incorporating obsidian, we deepen the impact of the massage on the emotional and energetic body. Learn about the tradition of womb massage, how to work with obsidian, how to make your own lymph moving herbal massage oil, how to perform the massage on yourself and make it a part of your womb-care routine. 


Raven Rose is a menstrual health herbalist called to her work by her endometriosis healing journey. In the process of healing herself she studied Herbalism, nutrition, Kambo, and womb massage. Through ancestral connection she is reclaiming and restoring the healing practices of her ancestors. In her practice, Moon Medicine, she creates custom herbal remedies, offers womb massage, ancestor work, and Kambo. Weaving together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing Raven helps people restore menstrual balance and womb health. 

august 2019


Our womb contains the most powerful force in the universe ~ the ability to give life. It is a place of great creative power, magic and mystery. The womb has also been systematically targeted with oppression and violence for centuries on this planet and many of us hold trauma, wounding, pain and density in this sacred vessel. Mother Earth is one of our greatest allies in this healing, as we can connect to her source of life that is ever-giving, unconditionally loving, and deeply healing. She offers many plant allies to assist us in re-weaving our healing and wholeness. Hemp is one of these incredible allies that offers powerful support on the journey of womb healing. Did you know, there are more cannabinoid receptors in the uterus than anywhere else in human body?! Yes, cannabinoids are essential to our physiology and womb health ~ yet many of us are severely depleted of these natural nutrients because of stress, toxicity and disconnection. Replenishing our bodies with cannabinoids has profound effects on our health and wellness. I will be sharing about why CBD can be a huge ally in supporting womb health, fertility, hormonal balance and healing from womb trauma. We will explore the Endocannabinoid system and how it works ~ revealing it’s role in regulating all of our body’s systems and especially focusing on how CBD and the Endocannabinoid system affects the womb. The Endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in our body’s health and in balancing the central nervous system, immune system, hormones, reproductive system and more. On a physical and emotional level the Endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in our hormonal balance and womb health. It can also be an amazing ally in moving out of flight/fight/freeze response and into deeper states of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation to support true healing and unwinding from trauma. Gratitude for the abundance of healing support our Earth Mother offers us in this journey of returning home to our wholeness.


Abigail’s womb healing journey began many years ago when she got her IUD removed ~ she began to learn about her womb-moon cycle, and began listening to her body ~ soul ~ womb and aligning more with her own unique and natural flow. This journey awakened her to the womb oppression rampant on this planet and ignited a call to serve the liberation of life. This re-wilding journey had lead her to passionately study that which awakens the vitality of our souls and brings us back into connection with our bodies, nature and spirit. Abigail helps women and genderqueer folks unwind from womb trauma, disconnection and oppression to embody radical self-love, allowing them to feel safer in their skin and able to express their authentic truth and soul brilliance. Her offerings bring a holistic, intuitive approach honoring our whole selves and our interconnectedness with the sacred web of life. She weaves together Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Herbal Medicine, Womb Health & Blood Mysteries, Sacred Sexuality and Earth/Star based Ritual. She offer workshops and rituals on Womb & Breast Health, Sensual Soul Embodiment, Ancestral Connection, and Whale Water Magic. She offers personal ceremonies & retreats, transformational healing sessions, and whale transmissions to support transforming trauma, oppression and disconnection into loving authentic flow, creativity and vitality. This spring she is leading a 3 month womb journey as a group program working with the whales to support sensual healing & embodiment. Abigail is a voice for the whales and the waters ~ sharing their loving songs and healing frequencies to bring through wisdom, guidance, illumination and activation. She is an ambassador for the unseen realms, nature beings and creatures of this earth ~ standing in the honoring of all life and acknowledgement of our multi-dimensional existence. She walks rooted in her earth ancestry, connected to her star family, learning and remembering how to live in honoring reciprocal relationship with all of creation.

september 2019


There's a famous idiom in Chinese Medicine. It says "The blood descends and becomes the menstruate; it ascends and becomes the milk." By performing deeply nourishing and circulatory massage to your breasts, you are influencing healing on so many levels, including your reproductive health.

In this class, we'll invite and give ourselves permission to deeply care for our hormonal and sensual health by performing breast self massage. Our breasts are intimately and cyclically connected to our menstrual cycles. By massaging our "Twin Peaks", we are also caring for our reproductive well being. Biologically, breast tissue is made up of fat & lymph. Extra care needs to be employed in circulating this area to avoid toxin and sluggish buildup.
Our breasts are extensions of the heart. They act as the conduit in which we give and receive love. Breast massage is one of many Inner Alchemy practices. Consistent and regular massage will regulate hormones, calm down the nervous system and prevent common ailments associated with lack of circulation in this area of our bodies. Further, the highly sensory rich tissue of our breasts reflects our intuitive abilities. Many of us have lost touch with our innate intuitive nature. By connecting with and integrating these parts of yourself, you are working on your intuitive muscles.


Kris González is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board-Certified Herbalist and guide into the lost art of radical self-care called Nourishing Life or 養生 yǎng shēng. The principles are based on the preservation of health, not just the treatment of disease. The methods promote health and longevity and guides us away from those that might cause harm. She specializes in Female Healing Arts. She teaches her female patients how to gain an understanding of their biological rhythms within the lens of Chinese Medicine. She educates on gracefully approaching the 7 year cycles of Women, Menstrual Attunement, and Longevity Medicine. She is a certified Healer Within Practice Leader from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Taichi and is also certified in the therapeutic application of essential oils; Aroma AcuTouch. She is also the resident acupuncturist for Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute aka Steamy Chick where she provides herbal consultations and education on perineal steaming for healing gynecological and andrological conditions using steam and smoke therapy also known as fumigation therapy in Chinese Medicine. She is also a faculty member at the Wise Womb Medicine Path.

Website: www.thewayofyin.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewayofyin/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewayofyin/

previous classes:

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february 2019


Ecology comes from the Greek “oikos” which means home. In this offering we will study body ecology centering pussy & the the divine design of the ovulatory cycle as place of origin & zone zero. Being aware of the nuanced phases of your fertility cycle not only empowers the ability to avoid or achieve the conception of human life, it connects you to the rhythmic nature of divine creative energy & the opportunity to thrive in harmony with it. This offering invites us to learn from the immense power of female fertility & sexuality in the context of permaculture principles. Discussion will center around respecting natural cycles as teachers & inspiration. Sam will offer practical tools, techniques, & strategies for integrating the power of female fertility while avoiding pregnancy.


Samantha Zipporah is a practical & radical medicine woman. She serves her curiosity & community by offering love & education for navigating the womb continuum. Samantha has been tracking her menstrual cycle for 20 years & her ovulation for 13, has taught sex ed classes for youths,  adults, & practitioners, been a doula for birth, abortion, miscarriage, & infant loss. Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biochemistry & biology, & nourished by playfulness, sass, & reverent spirituality. 

march 2019


This class will provide you an introduction to the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness which can be customized to fit your personal fertility goals, whether you're avoiding babies, desiring babies, or learning more about your fantastic cycle. Over two hours, we will review the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system (the sex ed you should have had but didn't), what a healthy menstrual cycle really looks like, and how to observe and chart signs of ovulation, including cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and cervix positioning. At the end of this class, you'll have a whole new understanding of your cycle and know when you can and cannot get pregnant (prepare to be shocked!). You'll have all the information necessary to start charting your cycle right away, even if you're still on another form of birth control. Necessary charting materials will be discussed but are not included. 


Vienna Farlow is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner intern and the founder of The Cuntsultant, Your Vagina’s Consultant. She is currently studying at Justisse College and is a member of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals. Her work is focused on demystifying the female body and teaching women and people with vaginas ways to connect with their bodies. The Cuntsultant is the culmination of her lifelong pursuit to learn as much as possible about the vagina and the people who have them -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She believes that all female bodied people should be empowered to know more about their bodies and the way they work. She is passionate about reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ inclusion, full spectrum care, abortion access and provocation in the name of education.

april 2019


Fast-paced, production-oriented time around us will ask us daily to dishonor our bodies and push past our limits. In this class we will look at the real impacts of this on our bodies and discuss ways that we can come back to a body-centered way of living which supports the vitality of all of life. We are dynamic, cyclical beings and we have so much to learn about regeneration from our own bodies. More coming soon on this class!


Marissa (she/her) is a menstrual cycle educator and holistic womb wellness guide working with folks one on one and in group settings from an earth and body based praxis. she offers workshops, consultations and healing sessions with the ultimate intention to remind us that the body is a place of wisdom. she believes that as we go deep into the body, we make our way to the cosmos.  

may 2019


“Food is much more than nourishment: Food is medicine. Food is nutrition. Food is ceremonial. Food is sacred.” - Leslie Korn

In a modern time, when western research dictates what we “should” eat and “how much,” traditional systems of eastern medicine, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, remind us that food is not just what and how much we put into our bodies. Food is medicine, ritual, resonance, connection and so much more. When we listen to our bodies in relationship to the unfolding of the natural world, we learn how to nourish ourselves and bring balance to our lives. In this class, we will explore the science and beauty of eastern ways of approaching diet and nutrition, with a specific focus on the pelvic bowl. This includes considering common imbalances that show up in our bowls (like fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, menstrual pain and more) and how to harmonize this sacred place in our body through food. Jeevan’s hope is that you walk away feeling empowered and inspired by the wisdom of eastern dietetics, and that you gain tools that you can immediately begin to use in your own life.


Jeevan comes from the Sanskrit जीवन (jīvana), meaning life, or more specifically that which animates every living being. A name that’s fitting, as it speaks to her life’s work - guiding womxn and people with vaginas back into the sanctuaries of their bodies, to reclaim their birthright of aliveness and embodiment. As a visionary, womb-keeper, guide and doctor, Jeevan offers work that is experiential and holistic. She believes that one of the most radical things we can do we can do for ourselves and the collective is to cultivate tender self-friendship. In her seasonal practice, Jeevan offers womb + pelvic healing, as well as embodiment coaching. Additionally, she teaches workshops and leads groups on herbal pelvic steaming, holistic menstrual wellness and somatic mindfulness. Jeevan aims to provide a container that is inclusive to all identities. Jeevan holds a doctorate in East Asian Medicine, and is completing a masters in integrative mental health. To learn more about Jeevan, visit her website: flowerhandwellness.com

June 2019


Cervical Expansion // The cervix is a wonder, a delight, and a boundary keeper. It is a place of immense pleasure, and yet often our only experience of the cervix is pain- while bleeding, birthing, or otherwise. Join Lydia Rose, of wild + vibrant sexual ecology for an evening dedicated to this piece of you that is your deepest root, the key. We have a cervical OS, and it is the operating system. We can rewire this space in our body for pleasure and sensation, and release stored trauma and pain. Cervical Orgasms, immense release, and empowered birth is possible from this holy mysterious space.


Lydia Rose, creator of wild + vibrant, is a maker, intuitive herbalist, and sexual health creator... Inspired by western and ayurvedic aromatherapy and herbalism, she delights in using herbal care for sexual empowerment and health as well as ceremony and ritual. A lifelong explorer of erotic healing arts, she began making her small batch, biodynamic remedies for sexual self-care and herbal ritual after her first home birth, to keep connecting with her pussy and feeling the depth of her magic. Lydia Rose also experienced total vaginal numbness, trauma, and infertility in her womb and vagina, and has gone deep into the shadows of sexuality and its disconnection with mentors, the earth, and ultimately herself... She came out the other side renewed with a sense of connection between pussy and heart that enlivened her being. She believes each one of us has a brilliant innate sexual wholeness that can be nurtured and revealed through sexual self-care and ritual. Her self care line eventually expanded to include lovingly crafted remedies and medicinal oils made by the sun and moon with herbs, essential oils, spices, and gemstones. Everything is created and handmade in Lydia Rose’s biodynamic apothecary and studio in Minneapolis. She offers transformative herbal healing and sexual health sessions for potency, love, and release in support of her vision of a healed earth and sexuality.