I offer 3 month coaching program packages that are ideal for folks ready to invest in themselves, take a deep dive into the well of trusting body wisdom, and make a sacred commitment to meet themselves, in their fullness, again & again.

If you would like to explore in-person sessions in San Diego, please reach out.


3 month coaching program

Session Schedule:

  • Month 1 ~ 1/week

  • Month 2 ~ 2/month (Every other week)

  • Month 3 ~ 2/month (Every other week)

8, 60 minute 1:1 sessions total

Homework & integration practices

Bundle of PDFs & videos for you to keep forever



Coaching programs commence with the nearest solstice, equinox or cross-quarter day. Next round of coaching opens with the Spring Equinox on March 21st. Applications are open now. After you complete the application we will schedule a 20-30 minute feeler call.



energetic mapping

subtle body listening

attuned inquiry

ovarian energy reading

ancestral lineage healing

I weave together the tools mentioned above, with a little of something that I can’t quite explain, and clients usually say that they feel more clear, connected & grounded after the sessions.

Overall, we are working directly with the energetic presence of the pelvic bowl. This is a co-creative process where Marissa guides you in mapping out your own energetic frequency, while sharing any impressions, and helping you to follow the threads of what is presenting.

These sessions are subtle yet profound, and will continue to work long after the session is over.

You will leave the session with more tools in your pocket to connect with your own pelvic bowl and allow that relationship to blossom.

It is such an honor to work with people in these ways.

Distance Session // 75 min :: $75

In-Person Session // 75 min :: $90

t e s t i m o n i a l s

previously clients have said :

"Thank you again for our session yesterday! I felt a huge shift in my energy since our session. I feel very balanced and grounded today, more like myself."

"Thanks so much for holding space for me the other day!  I feel great!  I feel like so much shifted."

"Thank you for your presence and your wisdom during our work together last year. I am now in a place where I am spending more time connecting to my womb space in a compassionate, caring manner. Rather than demanding a “better” outcome, or expecting urgent healing, I just try to do my best every day to listen and ask what would make her feel best supported. I started seeing a maya abdominal massage therapist, and do my self care routine a few times a week. I’ve continued with vaginal steaming, as well as now taking the final step of doing castor oil packs a few times a week. This past cycle I was able to pass through menstruation with only a few ibuprofen for cramping, and ovulation pain that was extremely minimal- and passed after a castor oil pack at the end of the day. Although I am “doing” all these things - my attitude towards finding relief and healing has been shaped by our discussions. I think the progress I have made has been largely due to the conversations we had. I am now able to feel more in conversation, in relationship, versus expecting or demanding a result. I ask for permission, and wait for consent, rather than rigidly applying a schedule of what to “do” to my body for healing. I appreciate and respect your work so much. Thank you for following your path with a gentle precision."

“I can't thankyou enough for weaving together this incredible course and creating such a beautiful and safe portal for us to dive deep and journey together.
This sacred work is so very important and it has been such an honour to have you facilitate it, in such a gentle and loving manner. You have a beautiful wisdom that you have gracefully brought to every session. The journey has been incredibly profound for me and has infused every single part of my being over the course of the 5 weeks that we have worked together. You have gifted me the opportunity heal myself on such a deep level, and gain a deeper understanding of who I am as a woman. I have felt the lineages of women who have come before me standing by my side, holding me as I have journeyed with you. This work has enabled me to heal many wounds that have been carried throughout the feminine lineage in my bloodline. I have learned to tap into the ancient wisdom that courses through my veins which links me to all the women who have come before me. Thank you, thank you from the depths of my soul for the work that you do.”

“Marissa is an incredible facilitator, her knowledge is powerful and profound. She holds space with so much love, care and gratitude. She creates a space of trust, allowing the process to unfold. She shares so much, and her teachings will be in my life forever.”