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menstrual mystery school

10 Week Online Group Program

—Fall 2019 Session Begins Oct. 14—



For Menstrual Mystics Desiring To Learn From The Cyclical Wisdom Of Body, Moon & Earth

In this online group program we will meet once a week for 10 weeks. We will explore the dynamic intelligence of the menstrual cycle as weaves with earth & moon cycles. This is the most comprehensive program that I offer for those who are desiring to deepen their relationship to the cycles.

EN•COMPASS is based on the idea that the womb space and menstrual cycle is our internal compass.

This program focuses specifically on the connection between the wheel of the year—circle of seasonal celebrations coming from earth-based, pre-christian europe—and the menstrual cycle. Each week we dive into a specific phase or threshold in the menstrual cycle and explore it’s archetypal themes as it relates to earth & moon cycles.

These explorations are rooted in the physiology of the menstrual cycle—our brilliant & responsive endocrine systems, the hormones & dance of all of the elements that give us the creative signature of the menstrual cycle.

As we go deep into the body, we make our way into the cosmos! The cycles of our bodies are microcosms of the wider cycles that we see in the moon and the earth. In this program you will be guided and supported in learning from the wisdom of your own body, to open a door to a one of a kind mystery school that lives in the very center of your being and never stops teaching!

All cyclical beings are welcome, and we are all cyclical beings, people of all gender & sexual orientations, at any place in their journey on the womb continuum are welcome. Please reach out if you have any questions about whether or not this is for you.



“Name the blood something holy, something mighty, something unlanguageable, something in hieroglyphs, something that sounds like the end of the world. “

— The Period Poem by Dominique Christina


The orchestration of hormones, communication between endocrine glands, from third eye to pelvis and back again; all of the elements involved in this cycle that mirrors the moon and seasons; the way our bodies respond, adapt & resolve to thrive. Who is to say that this story is any less magical that of the creation of the universe?

We are cyclical bodies in motion, orbiting ourselves, orbiting and being orbited by one another, spinning on the cyclical body of the earth, orbited by the moon. What information would we gather - about our lives, our purpose, our relationships, our healing, our growth, our deepest dreams and widest visions - if we were to finally choose to sit at the altar of our own bodies.

In this online group program you will be guided to build upon physiologic foundations, to cast your net out into the brilliant cosmos of your menstrual cycle, and see what self belief, radical creativity and divine power are gathered.  




“Agency starts with what scientists call interoception, our awareness of our subtle sensory, body-based feelings: the greater the awareness, the greater our potential to control our lives. Knowing what we feel is the first step to knowing why we feel that way. If we are aware of the constant changes in our inner & outer environment, we can mobilize to manage them.”

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk


Through cultivating our bodies as spaces of knowing we begin to compost the notion that our animal bodies/nature is the enemy; we begin to embody a sense of knowing-through-feeling that can guide us through every groove and space that find ourselves in. This is why the body is the ultimate mystery school — the body is a fountain of wisdom that gives us infinite choices as we navigate how we want to relate to life.

I believe that one important piece to being in our bodies in this way is having a meaningful and authentic relationship to our menstrual cycles. As something that has been so shrouded in ignorance and taboo, I seek to transform how we relate to our bodies, cycles and nature through shifting how we relate to the mystery. Moving away from the idea that the mystery is something dangerous to be feared, and moving towards the idea that the mystery is a place of creation, regeneration, the mystery is our mother and our home.

And, that within each of us is this home, that we can remember, call on and experience embodied wisdom through.

Fall 2019 Session// October 14 - December 16

Monday Evenings 4-6PM PST

 We meet once a week for 10 weeks, following the phases & transitions of the menstrual cycle and how they align with the wheel of the year/earth cycles & moon cycles. Each class is 2 hours long and merges together lecture, discussion, meditation, circle & ceremony. My intention always is to create a space where you feel you have the opportunity to be both teacher & student at the same time, harvesting insight and vision with one another.


When: Monday Evenings, October 14 - December 16, 4-6PM PST

Where: Live Video Call Via Zoom

  Week 1: 10/14

Opening & Orienting

Intentions, agreements, container setting

Week 2: 10/21

Portal 1: Menstruation // Winter Solstice

Fertile void, space between birth & death, relationship to self/source, who we are in the emptiness

Week 3: 10/28

Threshold 1: Transition B/W Menstruation & Preovulation // Imbolc

Rebirth, awakening, quickening, first light, vision, trust, patience

Week 4: 11/4

Portal 2: Preovulation // Spring Equinox

Becoming, pollination, expansion, hummingbird energy, holding the tension, risk taking

Week 5: 11/11

Threshold 2: Transition B/W Preovulation & Ovulation // Beltane

Fertile earth, pleasure, sensuality, commitment, grounding, harnessing, containing

Week 6: 11/18

Portal 3: Ovulation // Summer Solstice

Saying yes, fruition & fullness, inner heat, connecting, activation, beholding

Week 7: 11/25

Threshold 3: Transition B/W Ovulation & Premenstruation // Lammas

Abundance, celebration, gratitude, community, integration

Week 8: 12/2

Portal 4: Premenstruation // Autumn Equinox

Integration, weaving, preparation, discernment, harvesting wisdom, slowing down

Week 9: 12/9

Threshold 4: Transition B/W Premenstruation & Menstruation // Samhain

Descent, surrender, deepening, releasing, ancestors

Week 10: 12/16

Closing Council


Fluency: Menstrual Literacy & Radical Self Care : Please note that you do not need to complete FLUENCY before beginning Menstrual Mystery School, they are complementary. You just need to be enrolled in it.

Required Reading:

Each week you will be given pages to read in the book Wild Power by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope as a way to invite in more voices and perspective to our circle. Please note that this book contains cis-normative language (as most menstrual literature, unfortunately) and you will not be required to read this book should you decide that you would rather not.

Attendance Agreements:

This program is designed to be a co-creative container that can build on itself through our commitment to meeting each week. Because these sessions are live and you will get the most out of the program if you do not need to miss any classes, I ask that you not miss more than 2 live classes. Of course, I understand that things come up and will do my best to find solutions as we go with each person enrolled. The day after each call the recordings will be sent out for those who missed the call or those who want to revisit.

Menstrual Mystery Journal:

Either at enrollment or at the start of the course you will be asked to begin your Menstrual Mystery Journal. In this journal you commit to writing at least once a day, noting what day of your cycle you’re on, and how you are feeling (can be a few words or a few pages). Please set aside a special notebook just for this.


your guide:

In conjunction with your body wisdom & personal cosmology, I will be steering this spaceship through the passages of each phase and transitional day within the menstrual cycle, marked by the distinct shifts & shapes our hormones make. Because I have been teaching cycle education for years, and remained a forever student since I began, I’ve had an opportunity to get intimate with this information. Understanding how our cycles function & flow is fertile ground for the deeper inquiries that expand beyond the boundaries of self, weaving self into the context of the wider cycles of the moon & earth (to name a few, the possibilities are endless once we enter the temple of the body). From this base, with our internal compass, the explorations within the program work on you, held by the distinct container created by the unique individuals participating. — Marissa

 hear from previous participants:

”I've become softer, kinder, and quieter with my body. I've begun listening more deeply to the wisdom it holds, the gentle love that it's asking for. I feel my womb, the warm welcome she's been waiting so long to give me, and the deep knowledge within. I'm more aware of the tension I hold physically, and that when I release it and fall more deeply into softness, my body opens up to me. She holds a vast and fertile ground sown with potent seeds of wisdom that have been waiting for the warmth of my attention before they could begin to bloom. Spring is here, I've arrived.”

“Menstrual Mystery School is an initiation into a life of wonder and deep fulfillment. This course hold teachings that every wombholder, every cyclical being, every menstruating human should have the opportunity to hold dear from menarche. It is a safe and cozy nest, the gateway to a radical life shift toward balance, living with purpose and calm, naturally in tune with our selves and rhythms. Following the seasons of our cycles gives us the opportunity to rest our bones and souls that have been weary so long. This is the path to hearing our heart's truest desires, and being able to create with the collective wisdom of our individual essence. I am infinitely grateful for the introduction to my womb and its wisdom. From here, I will be enjoying the mystery school that is my body.”

“I touch this body with a learned affection, curiosity and intention; I treat (us) more and more the way I would want (us) treated by another human; I'm learning that this body has it's own story, it's own sentience all the time, 24-7. My bodily awareness feels shifted from "proprietor of female body", to an embodied feline with dominion to hear and serve many voices within.”

“This program has helped me transition some of my own body + gender dysphoria into empowered self love and acceptance.”

“My body and I have a clearer, gentler, more real line of communication. She speaks to me in a language only I can understand, and this course has given me the time and space to begin learn that language, with many thanks to the other reflections who embarked on the journey. She speaks and I give her what she needs to my capabilities at the moment - all she has wanted is for me to listen.”

“I acknowledge that I even have a menstrual cycle. And for me this is huge. Honoring the baby steps.”

“Since beginning this program, I've begun to understand the patterns that a year ago I knew must be there but couldn't uncover. I've stepped through the gates of understanding the rhythmic nature of my cycle which has brought waves of relief and deep knowing. Where once I experienced a wild sea of unpredictable feelings, deep tiredness and frustration, I now see the patterns and hear the guidance my body has been so long trying to give me: my cycle is my guide, my gateway to living in alignment with myself.”

“I feel as though I finally understand the language my body has been using to try and communicate with me. I now have new skills and understanding to help me tune in to what my needs and desires are.”

“I'm grateful to have learned how to work with my body, my mind, my emotions, the energy of my internal season, to create calm and healing. To slow and soften, so that I may harness the deep power within.”

“I am grateful to have come to a deeper understanding of my connection to other womb-keepers. I felt so held by everyone and their experiences resonated so deeply with mine, even more so than some of my closest people. I am grateful for a container in which I was able to learn through feeling rather than intellectualizing.”

“I am grateful to learn how my cycle connects to my ancestors. I am grateful to learn how my cycle works and how it’s connected to the universe.”

“I'm surprised to have learned that deep down, I've known all along. This knowledge is innate but I didn't KNOW it, didn't trust it, didn't take the time to understand. This program has been the guiding light back into myself, and into the latent ancestral wisdom held within my body. I'm excited to dive deeper and to express this vital wombholder's knowledge. We owe ourselves, our ancestors, our future generations, the respect of tuning in to this wild and powerful energy.”

“I have been continually surprised at how little we all know about the physical aspects of our cycles, and how it all connects to earth & moon cycles. I am surprised at how quickly this wisdom, as old as time, has been stuffed by the rise of patriarchy. My mind keeps taking me back to the witch hunts a few hundred years ago and the colonization of indigenous lands all over the world. taking this wisdom back feels like my response to the cries of those ancestors.”

“I feel infinitely empowered. I've learned the science and the energetics, the teachings of the moon and the seasons, the wisdom of my womb. As I listen, I find all that I seek is within me; my cervix, the portal to infinite creation.”

“I definitely feel more attuned and aligned with my body than ever before. This has been such a vital missing piece to my understanding of this human experience.”

“The greatest gift of this container has been the connections i’ve made both externally with the other womb-keepers, as well as the connection to my own self. The mediations and journaling practices have kept me in my body in a time of erratic change in my life.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone, womb keeper or not. It’s feels so important for everyone to understand the cyclical nature of people with wombs and the consciousness with which we experience life, while also recognizing that EVERY body is a cyclical body, bleeder/ovulater or not. I would only tell someone that it’s pure magic which they will have to experience for themselves, it’s comfortable like sitting around the fire, listening to the elders share their wisdom and the tribe reflect on their experiences, and it’s gently yet powerfully healing, like sitting under a waterfall.”




  • Payment plans available // Reserve your spot with $50 deposit.