6 Modules of Self-Paced Learning

In this course you will learn:

  • How your menstrual cycle works on a physical, as well as psycho-spiritual level

  • The menstrual cycle as a creative cycle that supports us in all ways

  • A foundational & comprehensive understanding of the physiology & hormones of the menstrual cycle

  • How to work with your menstrual, preovulatory, ovulatory & premenstrual energy

  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a spiritual & creative practice

  • How to live in accordance with your cyclical rhythms

  • How your cycle connects you to the moon, earth & all of life

  • Guidance for connecting with your body & cycle in a way that is meaningful for you

  • A welcome invitation to claim the power & embodiment that is your birthright

  • Introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method/Symptothermal Method

  • & so much more!



The menstrual cycle is considered a 5th vital sign, meaning that it can tell us very important information about the functioning of our overall health. Yet most people have absolutely no idea what the menstrual cycle actually is, how it works or what is normal when it comes to the cycle.

I am passionate about changing this, that is why I have created this in-depth course that covers the physiologic foundations of the menstrual cycle, what is happening in each phase of the cycle, the hormonal why behind it, and how we can work with the menstrual cycle as a tool for self-awareness, cultivation, harnessing creativity, and radical self care that gets to the root.

The menstrual cycle is a 5th vital sign not only for our physical health, but it can also be an ally and a teacher when it comes to our emotional, spiritual and whole-person health.

Menstrual Literacy

Menstrual literacy is knowing what’s happening with our bodies throughout the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle, and knowing how to track the presence or absence of primary and secondary fertility signs that can give us information about where we are in any given moment in the cycle.

Menstrual cycle literacy allows us to navigate our lives and make choices from an informed and empowered space. When we know the physiologic foundations, and the general hormonal conversation happening, then we can begin to map our own unique cycle, rhythms, fertility signs, and cyclical changes. This gives us the power to not only know our personal pattern but also to know if something ever shifts & the body is trying to communicate something to us. We can begin to see how we change and how our bodies are positively or negatively impacted by the choices we make, sleep, stress levels, environmental and emotional factors and really all aspects of life.

Our endocrine system, orchestrating the hormonal events of the cycle, keeps a steady stream of communication happening between all endocrine organs from the pituitary to the ovaries and back again. This system is so intelligent and responsive and is in relation to all other body systems. This is how our menstrual cycle experience can tell us so much about our overall health.

Menstrual Fluency

I use the term fluency as a way to differentiate between what we know and how we are able to apply what we know. Learning to listen to our bodies and our subtle rhythmic & cyclical cues is learning a new language, and just like learning a new language it takes time, practice & immersion to become fluent. This course has been designed to support you in finding a fluency with your body and your practice, which is a deeply personal and intimate thing.

It is helpful to understand that what we are ultimately trying to do is cultivate a relationship with the body. And the body is a living, changing, growing organic creature. This is a lifelong relationship, and like any lifelong relationship has the power to inform who we are and empower us.

The only difference is, this relationship is with the self.


Who This Course Is For:

This course is open to all those with female anatomy. Whether you currently menstruate or not. Whether you currently have a uterus or not. This course will give you an abundant amount of information about the menstrual cycle, helping you to connect with the cycles of life, your body, uterus/womb.

You will get the most out of this course if you have or have had a menstrual cycle, yet this course will absolutely be insightful and relevant for anyone at all, as we have all come from a womb.


Here are some reasons why you may be ready to invest in this course and thus yourself:

  • You would like a better understanding of your cycle

  • Your relationship to your cycle is changing whether due to a change in your contraceptive methods, an imbalance you’d like to address or a deep desire & intention (or all 3)

  • You are considering the possibility of quitting hormonal birth control or a contraceptive device and you want to learn more about your menstrual cycle works

  • You are a mother/parent to a young one that is coming upon the threshold of first menstruation and you would like to be able to provide them with resources & support (hint: this course will help you learn more about your own cycle & heal your relationship to your cycle which is the best place to start!)

  • you want to work with the cyclical wisdom of life, rather than against it


You will leave this course feeling:

  • An embodied power

  • More agency over your life

  • More in tune with yourself & life

  • More prepared to listen to and appropriately respond to your body

  • More body-soul-mind alignment

  • Informed & empowered

  • More at home in your body



Can I take this course if I am no longer menstruating?

Yes, absolutely. You will still be able to get so much out of it.

Can I take this course If I have had a hysterectomy?

Yes, absolutely. You will still be able to get so much out of it.

Can I take this course if I do not identify as a woman?

Yes, absolutely. You will still be able to get so much out of it.

Can I take this course if I have never menstruated?

Yes, absolutely. You will still be able to get so much out of it.

Course Format:

  • Immediate access to all content upon purchase

  • 6 modules full of video, audio & PDFS of completely unique content

  • Informative slides to help absorb information

  • Emotional-spiritual explorations to supplement your learning

  • The course is yours to keep forever and take your time with

  • Online learning, accessible from anywhere you can connect with the internet


This course is the pre-requisite for the Menstrual Mystery School.


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our bodies are so full of wisdom. let’s remember together.