Eastern Dietetics for Pelvic Wellness with Jeevan Singh

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Eastern Dietetics for Pelvic Wellness

with jeevan singh

“Food is much more than nourishment: Food is medicine. Food is nutrition. Food is ceremonial. Food is sacred.” - Leslie Korn

In a modern time, when western research dictates what we “should” eat and “how much,” traditional systems of eastern medicine, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, remind us that food is not just what and how much we put into our bodies. Food is medicine, ritual, resonance, connection and so much more. When we listen to our bodies in relationship to the unfolding of the natural world, we learn how to nourish ourselves and bring balance to our lives. In this class, we will explore the science and beauty of eastern ways of approaching diet and nutrition, with a specific focus on the pelvic bowl. This includes considering common imbalances that show up in our bowls (like fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, menstrual pain and more) and how to harmonize this sacred place in our body through food. Jeevan’s hope is that you walk away feeling empowered and inspired by the wisdom of eastern dietetics, and that you gain tools that you can immediately begin to use in your own life.


Jeevan comes from the Sanskrit जीवन (jīvana), meaning life, or more specifically that which animates every living being. A name that’s fitting, as it speaks to her life’s work - guiding womxn and people with vaginas back into the sanctuaries of their bodies, to reclaim their birthright of aliveness and embodiment. As a visionary, womb-keeper, guide and doctor, Jeevan offers work that is experiential and holistic. She believes that one of the most radical things we can do we can do for ourselves and the collective is to cultivate tender self-friendship. In her seasonal practice, Jeevan offers womb + pelvic healing, as well as embodiment coaching. Additionally, she teaches workshops and leads groups on herbal pelvic steaming, holistic menstrual wellness and somatic mindfulness. Jeevan aims to provide a container that is inclusive to all identities. Jeevan holds a doctorate in East Asian Medicine, and is completing a masters in integrative mental health. To learn more about Jeevan, visit her website: flowerhandwellness.com

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