Root Halo with Lydia Rose: April Full Moon

April Full Moon

root halo practice with lydia rose of wild & vibrant

April 19, 2019

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by Lydia Rose of Wild + Vibrant

Lydia Rose, creator of wild + vibrant, is a maker, intuitive herbalist, and sexual health creator... Inspired by western and ayurvedic aromatherapy and herbalism, she delights in using herbal care for sexual empowerment and health as well as ceremony and ritual. A lifelong explorer of erotic healing arts, she began making her small batch, biodynamic remedies for sexual self-care and herbal ritual after her first home birth, to keep connecting with her pussy and feeling the depth of her magic... 


One thing that has been so instrumental to me in my healing arts practice is something I call

Root Halo, a safe and beautiful way to release trauma and wounding from your pelvis and erotic

space. After many years of wanting to outsource my healing, I finally realized that it comes from

within, from my own energy system. The root halo practice is a holistic, multidimensional, sexual

self-care practice.

Trapped energy and sexual wounding can take many forms. One of the most common ways it

shows up is a feeling of stagnancy, or a lack of presence/numbness when touching yourself

intimately. You might feel stuck in a pattern of using the same tools to arouse yourself, but at

the same time are aware that you want to branch out and try something new.

If you are new to this practice, or the idea of sexual healing in general, know that you cannot do

this practice wrong! Meet yourself wherever you are at. If this kind of language is new to you,

please try to approach it with curiosity knowing that you can engage with whatever you wish and

leave anything that does not feel right for you.

Some reasons I adore this practice:

1. I’m the guide: this practice grounds me in a totally safe way. By practicing consent with

myself, I’m able to repattern my nervous system, my erotic network, and slowly, my life.

2. I’m surrendered: I’m able to practice being vulnerable and surrendered at the same time as I

guide myself into levels of healing.

3. It works: this simple, 15 minute daily practice has given me depths of truth, authenticity, and

healing in my sex and allowed me less pain on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

And, as I tell my clients, just try it! You can’t do it wrong, I promise.

Consider finding grounding around you in a soft blanket, a beautiful candle, or a song that you

like. If at any time you want to stop or don’t feel comfortable go ahead and stop, nourish yourself

with those things, and try again another day.

All breath work is done with an open mouth in order to encourage unwinding in the pelvis. Our

jaws and our pelvises are intimately connected; twin bones. Keep an open, relaxed jaw on the

inhale, breathing from the belly into chest, and releasing everything out an open, relaxed mouth

on the exhale. Try it! It’s super simple and feels so integrating.

What I adore about this technique is that I rarely go into “story” or have anything else in the

mind happen. With the Root Halo practice, trapped energy is allowed - through my own loving

touch, the breath, and the plant medicine in the Cosmic Egg combined with the earthy

Chakrubs- to move through me safely and leave my system in a really good way.

Note: All of these practices are designed to heal and move energy. If you do not have a crystal

wand or yoni egg, don't worry! You can do this practice with your hands and a lubricant that you


Here is my technique:

1. Warmth: give yourself a warm shower or bath, do this up as much or as little as you wish.

2. Oiling: After getting out of the bath, rub yourself in long strokes with a body oil. Oil your

entire body, lovingly touching yourself if that is available to you. If not, no worries, the simple

act of body oilination will bring a presence with your skin and a calmness to your nervous


3. Breasts: Start with a simple breast/chest massage with the oil, with an open mouth breath.

With a deep exhale, gently rub the oil into the outer corners of the breasts towards the

armpits. Round your chest on the inhale, bringing your fingers up the center line. As you do

this, begin a light pelvic lift on the inhale, and release on the exhale. Continue for 30


4. Holding: After 30 seconds of breast/chest massage, hold your breasts/chest with both

hands. During this time, speak an encouraging message if possible. I often say something

like “I’ve got you,” “I’m listening,” or “I’m here.” Then start a gentle shake or vibration in your

hands, for another 30 seconds.

5. Engage the Energy: Bring your Chakrubs healing wand near you. Keep it next to you as you

lie down.

6. The Cosmic Egg: Insert a cosmic egg, my biodynamic botanical lube infused with plant

consciousness, up towards the cervix, and let it start melting.

7. Crystal Connection: As it melts, keep your Chakrubs over your body- near your womb or

heart, to warm it up if you like.

8. Erotic Breathwork: Close your eyes and begin to drop into a short 5 minute breathwork

exercise: one minute of breathing with an open mouth, making sure that the jaw and pelvis

are relaxed on the exhale. Then begin one minute of open mouth breathing making a “ooo”

sound on the exhale. Then alternate to one minute of open mouth breath, and then back to

one minute of “ooo.” After those four minutes, rest and let your breath return to normal for

one minute. At this point, your egg may be melted and you may feel warmth, goodness, and

connection within your pelvis.

9. Serpentine Point Healing: Now take your Chakrub and do a serpentine point healing on

specific points on the vulva, in the creases of the thigh at the top of your “triangle.” With

each point, hold the wand gently but firmly, taking one open mouth breath and releasing with

sound on the exhale.

10. Consent: once you have done all the points, you are ready to hold the wand over the

entrance to your pussy. At this point I ask myself and my pussy: are you ready to receive the

wand? If the answer is no, lay the wand on your lower womb and do all the grounding things

you like and finish the practice this way. This consent step is so crucial to really hearing and

reimprinting yourself with your own boundaries. If the answer is yes, proceed to the next


11. Serpentine Release: The next step is to allow your pussy to take in the wand, and soak in

the crystal energy. I usually do an open mouth breath for one minute just holding the wand

inside me, becoming present with my pussy.

12. Serpentine Breath: This is an intuitive part of the process, but you move the wand inside you

to any points of tension, and release them with an open mouth breath. On the inhale, press

on the tension, and on the exhale, put your tongue out and allow sound if needed. This does

not need to be forced, just keep breathing for 1-2 minutes.

13. Pleasure/Integration: If through this process, you have built up some pleasure, then by all

means, continue as you like! I often do. If you don’t want to move into self-pleasure, then put

the wand by your side, close your eyes, and rest. Rest at least a minute or two, allowing

yourself as much rest as you need.

There is the practice! I’m confident that this practice can be slow, beautiful, and conscious. This

is a gentle process to systematically release trapped energy that doesn’t feel like you- while

simultaneously bringing relief from pelvic pain, trauma, and sexual wounding. By following the

wisdom of the body, and empowering yourself with exploration and pleasure, you are telling

your nervous system and signaling to the body mind that you are reclaiming choice, your body,

and your healing.

In total health,

Lydia Rose

For more information about Lydia Rose and her services, visit her website.

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