Nervous System Wise: April New Moon

April New Moon

nervous system wise

April 5, 2019



How big is the gap between what your actual nervous system needs/boundaries are and the nervous system needs/boundaries you’ve been upholding?

Without judgment, allow this question to sit inside of you for a moment. Without shaming or blaming yourself, notice what comes up.

We talk so much about having good boundaries with others, rarely do we talk about how those boundaries begin with ourselves. (Body/self as ground zero).

The blueprint we have for how spacious we are allowed to feel inside of our nervous systems is often based on capitalist ideals (especially who women/feminine people/non-masculine people are allowed to be inside of those ideals) than the real-deal physiologic mandate from our bodies.

Here are some reflection questions either just to be read through, meditated on, reflected on with a love or journaled on:

  • What are some ways that you cross your own boundaries when it comes to your nervous system needs? (Nervous system needs being those needs that you’ve learned support you having a healthy, resilient, nourished nervous system)

  • When & from whom did you receive patterning about how good life is allowed to feel and how resourced your nervous system is aloud to feel?

  • What are small, daily practices that support you in readjusting your practiced boundary to line up with your desired boundary

  • What are wider readjustments that support you in tending to a healthy nervous system?

    Under this new moon & the fire of aries, invite more awareness around how you move through the world in relation to your nervous system. How close do you allow yourself to get to your edge of no return (a place where you’re going to need a lot of replenishment & restoration to return from)? Get curious around how you can still do you in the world, harnessing this spring time energy, while brining more time & love to these edges of your experience.

We need stress, it exists for a reason, it helps us to refine our resilience, become more adaptable in our lives, learn new things and survive. But chronic stress is degrading to our systems, and it feels like so many in our culture are stuck in that cycle. Pushing past our body’s limits like this requires that we be slightly outside of our body so that we don’t feel the impact.

One sure way to know where your nervous system is at is how inside of your body you are. And one sure way to do this is through the breath. In any given moment, check in with your breath. Notice if it’s shallow. Notice how you’re holding your body. Become more grounded through your feet. Feel your breath deepen and take up space inside of your body. And continue to engage with life from this place. The breath does a really magical job of regulating our nervous systems.

Marissa Correia