Fertile Earth: Beltane 2019


fertile earth

May 1, 2019


Happy Beltane!!

Beltane is the exact halfway point between Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. Ancestrally speaking this was a time of celebrating & invoking the abundance of the summer season that was required for survival. The festivals & rituals from this celebration are rich with sexual symbolism. The fecundity of all of life was centered and enjoyed at this time.

Beltane aligns with the transitional period in the menstrual cycle, between pre-ovulation (internal spring) and ovulation (internal summer). Both occur on the arc of ascent into  fullness & fruition. Both are characterized by a rising heat and outward projected energy. Both are spaces of feeling and reveling in forthcoming fertility.

Working with these energies (whether seasonally or menstrually speaking) can bring up our conditioning around our own fertility, pleasure, desire & sexuality. It’s important to note that Beltane was one of the first earth-based celebrations to be banished by the Puritan church in Europe because dominating & colonizing earth-based people has always been tied up with repressing sensuality & making sex impure as a means of separating the person from the body.

As we cross through the Beltane threshold, and move towards the height of summer it may be helpful to consider:

What is my relationship to my sexuality?

How do I experience pleasure in my daily life?

Do I honor the desires of my body?

What does it feel like in my body when I hear the word fertility?

Here when I talk about sexuality, pleasure, fertility and desire I want to purposefully connect them all rather than seeing them as separate parts that function in isolation. I want to talk about fertility as a state of feeling nourished, supported & clear enough to hear the wisdom of our own creative selves, draw the boundaries that allow us to create & a belief in ourselves which comes from knowing pleasure inside one’s own body. Sexuality as the space between form and formlessness that allows for something to come from nothing. Desire as something that exists solely to deepen relationship to and understanding of the self.

As you answer the questions above, be particularly investigative about the places where you’ve been conditioned to believe that your body, your fertility and your pleasure are not yours.

As you reclaim these spaces in a way that feels good to you, know that you are mending a narrative that extends to that of the earth, and the way that humans have related to the abundance & fecundity that is so lovingly and freely given to us.

And please note that as we make these journeys into exploring pleasure, sexuality and fertility we get to define for ourselves what this means. Pleasure can look like making ourselves a nourishing meal, drawing a bath for ourselves or going for a walk outside. Sexuality can look like singing a song, feeling the earth on our feet, or smelling a flower. Meet yourself where you are and work with these energies in a way that is meaningful for you right now.

Practice: Write your own fertility declaration.


Beltane can also be a special time to set intentions. What are you committed to giving your energy to this summer? What are you ready to release? What are you open to receive?

Marissa Correia