Entering the Portal of the Cervix: June Full Moon

June Full Moon



Have You Felt Your Cervix Before?

You may want to do this practice accompanied by the cervix meditation that was offered in June New Moon: Belonging, here it is below:

Cervix Meditation

Feeling the cervix can be incredibly empowering. Often we’ve only related to or had our cervix directly contacted in a clinical setting. This alternative experience of feeling your own cervix in the comfort of your own space, with your own hand to gather information and connect with yourself can be so healing.

If you are new to this practice and feel in any way daunted by feeling your own cervix make sure that you are in a space where you feel safe, have privacy if that’s important for you. Before beginning make sure that your hands are clean and you can have oil or lube nearby. First, ask your body for consent and listen to what it says. I like to check my cervix while laying back but you may squat or stand with one leg on the edge of a bathtub or something like this, or any other position that feels comfortable for you. Using your longest finger, reach into the back of your vagina.

The cervix can feel a bit like the texture of the tip of the nose, it differs from the texture from the vaginal walls, and usually sits right at the back of the vagina. If you are closer to your fertile phase your cervix will feel a bit softer, perhaps like the texture of the lips. If you find your cervix, say hello! Notice what it feels like. To learn more about the changes of the cervix throughout the cycle & using this as a primary fertility sign revisit the Intro to Fertility Awareness Method by Vienna Farlow, The Cuntsultant (Cyclical Body Membership February Class).


Spelunking With Speculums by Samantha Zipporah

“You can obtain a disposable speculum for very cheap online without a medical license of any kind. You may want to see if your favorite local midwife or clinic has one to spare before you go online.” *

Did you know you can take a photo of your cervix? On the Beautiful Cervix Project you can find a gallery of cervixes as well as a kit with which you can take your own cervix portrait!

Marissa Correia