Transformative Pleasure: March Full Moon + Spring Equinox

March Full Moon + Spring Equinox

transformative pleasure

March 21, 2019


“Beyond the superficial, the considered phrase, ‘it feels right to me,’ acknowledges the strength of the erotic into a true knowledge, for what that means it the first and most powerful guiding light toward any understanding.”

- Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic of Power

The spring equinox reminds us that when transformation is pleasurable, we gladly welcome change.

No matter how all encompassing the change may be, when we feel the sunshine on our skin for the first time after a long, cold winter, we open up and say “i’m yours!”

The full moon & wide open expression of spring invites us to celebrate and to remember the evolutionary necessity of feeling good.



When we cultivate interoception (the ability to feel what is happening internally), and begin to track the various sensations and data that comes through being inside a body as a intuitive, perceptive, intelligent organism.

In becoming experts of our own embodied experience, we can begin to melt the frozen places in the body which are holding trauma, memories and stories which say either that our bodies are not a safe place to be, or that we are not the authority of our own experience.

Just as winter melts into spring, and we are asked to reach for the sun, take up space, so that we can blossom in our own rightful way. We can only move into these new forms and take up space when we feel safe to do so.

As we practice embodied agency - looking at the beliefs, stories, traumas that keep us from feeling our internal landscape, and from that informed space having agency & choice in our lives - we can start to wield the transformative power of pleasure.

Transformative pleasure guides us in allowing our pleasure to be a compass as we navigate life, and that this inherently guides us into alignment with liberation & regeneration of life.

To cultivate a sense of what feels good, in the deepest sense of the phrase, and to follow that.

This is a powerful, creative, and sovereign act. And to follow what feels good is to divest from a system that tells us (especially women, femmes & gender nonconforming people) that pleasure is frivolous, secondary and worthless, except for when it is being commodified.



Our own internal springtime is the preovulatory phase, after we have moved through menstruation and shed old layers, we emerge and awaken into spring. The hormone estrogen is on the rise now, which is a hormone that is associated with feeling turned on, confident, and open to life. Our awareness shifts from an inward and yin (menstruation/winter) orientation, to an outward and yang orientation. We are called to move out into the world and celebrate being in a body, fertility and the ability to create.

The task with both the spring equinox we celebrate today, and the internal spring equinox of the preovulatory phase is to celebrate wild life force as it moves us, while also remembering that this rebirth is inextricable from death within the whole creative cycle.

Remembering the context of the whole creative cycle allows us to harness this powerful, creative energy in a sustainable and life-giving away.

We do not always need to create something that is manifested in the physical realm or visible to anyone else but ourselves. When we can root into an intention, and remember the importance of what we grow, we can create in integrity with our own selves, and that is all that matters.

The task for this time is also to learn how to celebrate ourselves, pleasure, sensation and taking up space. Especially for those in systematically marginalized communities (women, trans, gender nonconforming & queer people, black, indigenous and all people of color) who have been made to feel like we/they are not allowed to take up space



With the new moon I offered a “Root Answer” practice of experimenting with asking a question we are grappling with to the root/womb/pelvis and the mind/brain/head space, and noticing the difference in quality between the two. If you haven’t checked out that yet you can find it above under the new moon section.

This is a similar practice where we are opening to the orientation of pleasure & following what feels good.

Thank you for receiving these raw & unedited audio practices. In the background of this one you can hear the fire cackling.


In this video Abigail and I speak about the womb as a queer space in it’s boundless creativity and infinite multiplicity of expression.

Below you can find the video recording & just the audio option as well.

Marissa Correia