The Future Is Wet & Deep: March New Moon

March New Moon

March 6, 2019

the future is wet & deep

(pisces new moon)



This new moon in pisces marks the start of the last moon cycle of winter.

Pisces reminds us that we are nothing but the sum of what we have the capacity to imagine.

I am finding that I just want to be immersed in stories - the stories that feed and tell of resilient imagination and survival of spirit in impossible times. I want to be having the conversations that help us break up the borders around us/them, I want to merge and embrace all the multitudes of expressions, experiences and ways of being.

The water of pisces season holds us as we deep dive into the last of winter to find the gems of what we are meant to bring forth into the spring. Your dream world may be more vivid and alive right now. Also, pay attention to what you learn in that between space before falling asleep.

Let yourself slip away.

Let winter have you completely.

Now is the time to let yourself be saturated, soaked & steeped in your own imagination.

And this is a space that cannot be accessed through effort.

It actually has been known universally to disappear in the face of even the slightest bit of detected effort. It slips through fingers like smoke as we continue at our trying and doing of it.

Just be.

What is it that has needed your attention this winter? What is the quietest, most far away voice that you can hear inside you?

Now is the time to listen; get spacious enough for it to arrive. Soft enough for it to take form. Liquid enough to be poured in, through and around it.

Let the edges of your intellect blur. And let the amorphous, encompassing, changeable emotionality of the water realm reveal it’s wisdom. And anchor, into that deep, fecund, aqueous womb your most refined intentions.

Spring is on it’s way, everything is changing. Your future is wet & deep. Meet this very moment as it is.



Moving into our theme for the month, Embodied Agency, this practice is meant to discern orientation in the body from the mind to the root.

We cannot have agency in our lives, that is the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power, without being able to feel what’s happening in our bodies. Throughout the month we will explore different ways of cultivating this listening sense.

What are some things that you do or spaces you find that allow you to hear your body more clearly? Please share in the comments below.

As we develop a listening relationship with the self and body we can become so in tune with our center that in any moment we can feel that pulse and discern what we need, what our truth is, what is best for us, and trust it.


This practice can be used throughout the month anytime that there is a question that needs answering but there is not one emerging.

  • First ask the question to your mind - notice the quality of feeling that comes up when you ask the mind

  • Ask the question again, this time to the root (the physicality and energetic space of womb, yoni, cervix etc) - notice the quality of feeling that comes up when asking the root

  • Notice the difference in answer from mind & root.

Both root & mind have valid thoughts on the inquiry yet this month I want you to let the root voice have center stage. I find that the root voice tends to have access to more relevant information as it’s less concerned with being right and more concerned with feeling right.



Recipe for your very own winter witch’s brew =

The Emotion You’ve Most Been Avoiding Feeling + The Deepest Desire You Can Identify

Give yourself about 10 minutes for this guided journey. Find a place, any place, that you can be still with eyes closed for that amount of time, to get in a receptive state. If you find you want a longer experience with this one, you can use the formula (emotion you’ve been avoiding + deepest desire you can identify) and take yourself on your own journey. You may want to have a journal ready for afterwards to write about what came up.

Marissa Correia