Beltane Breathwork with Blake: May New Moon

May New Moon

beltane breath with blake spencer of breath of blake

May 4, 2019

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Happy new moon in the feminine earth sign of Taurus (if you vibe with Western astrology) and happy spring!

As we continue to work with the energies of Beltane, and dance into the solar part of the hemisphere out of the depths of the dark, shaking up and moving the energy in our bodies can feel really good!

Enjoy this breathwork session offered by our dear friend Blake Spencer. This breath is a 2-part breath (explained in detail in the recording) and can be intense. It is best to do this breath when you can lay down & be uninterrupted for at least 45 - 60 minutes.

This breathwork can be full of sensations - and often you can feel very clearly when there is stagnant or stuck energy in the body. Blake will guide you through all of that, and at the end make a space for you to anchor into an intention. You may want to journal beforehand about what you are wanting to call in and do with your vibrant summer energy.

Click the button below to open the breathwork session & Blake has also made a playlist to accompany the session if you so choose to listen along with the recording, click here

Marissa Correia