Obsidian Womb Massage with Raven Rose

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Obsidian Womb Massage

with raven rose

Connect with the body and the womb through touch in this workshop led by menstrual health herbalist, Raven Rose. Womb massage is a practice that has helps to restore balance, fertility, and creative flow to the womb. Through touch we deepen our connection to the womb and help facilitate the release of stuck and stagnant energies. Physically, womb massage helps to restore uterine position, bring balance to the menstrual cycles, and aids in digestion. By incorporating obsidian, we deepen the impact of the massage on the emotional and energetic body. Learn about the tradition of womb massage, how to work with obsidian, how to make your own lymph moving herbal massage oil, how to perform the massage on yourself and make it a part of your womb-care routine.


Raven Rose is a menstrual health herbalist called to her work by her endometriosis healing journey. In the process of healing herself she studied Herbalism, nutrition, Kambo, and womb massage. Through ancestral connection she is reclaiming and restoring the healing practices of her ancestors. In her practice, Moon Medicine, she creates custom herbal remedies, offers womb massage, ancestor work, and Kambo. Weaving together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing Raven helps people restore menstrual balance and womb health. 

Marissa Correia