ROOTED: Cervical Pleasure & Sexual Awakening with Lydia Rose

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ROOTED: Cervical Pleasure & Sexual Awakening

with lydia rose

Cervical Expansion // The cervix is a wonder, a delight, and a boundary keeper. It is a place of immense pleasure, and yet often our only experience of the cervix is pain- while bleeding, birthing, or otherwise. Join Lydia Rose, of wild + vibrant sexual ecology for an evening dedicated to this piece of you that is your deepest root, the key. We have a cervical OS, and it is the operating system. We can rewire this space in our body for pleasure and sensation, and release stored trauma and pain. Cervical Orgasms, immense release, and empowered birth is possible from this holy mysterious space.


Lydia Rose, creator of wild + vibrant, is a maker, intuitive herbalist, and sexual health creator... Inspired by western and ayurvedic aromatherapy and herbalism, she delights in using herbal care for sexual empowerment and health as well as ceremony and ritual. A lifelong explorer of erotic healing arts, she began making her small batch, biodynamic remedies for sexual self-care and herbal ritual after her first home birth, to keep connecting with her pussy and feeling the depth of her magic. Lydia Rose also experienced total vaginal numbness, trauma, and infertility in her womb and vagina, and has gone deep into the shadows of sexuality and its disconnection with mentors, the earth, and ultimately herself... She came out the other side renewed with a sense of connection between pussy and heart that enlivened her being. She believes each one of us has a brilliant innate sexual wholeness that can be nurtured and revealed through sexual self-care and ritual. Her self care line eventually expanded to include lovingly crafted remedies and medicinal oils made by the sun and moon with herbs, essential oils, spices, and gemstones. Everything is created and handmade in Lydia Rose’s biodynamic apothecary and studio in Minneapolis. She offers transformative herbal healing and sexual health sessions for potency, love, and release in support of her vision of a healed earth and sexuality.

*the recording cut off at one point, so there is a piece missing. yet Lydia has offered us the fully recorded version of this class from her online school, so anything that is missing here you will find in that version. this version has the wonderful Q&A portion.

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