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APRIL 2019:

radical tending

c o l l e c t i o n s

COLLECTION NO. 2 // March 2019



EXP: JUn ‘19

CONTIRBUTORS: Vienna Farlow, Abigail Hinds, Marissa Correia

Combining the concept of embodiment as consciously being inside of our bodies with agency, as having power of choice over our lives.

When we can successfully feel what’s occurring inside of our bodies, we can effectively advocate for ourselves, name our desires and honor our needs.

In Embodied Agency we explore that through different practices & meditations, in conjunction with this month’s class, Let’s Get Cyclical: Intro to Justisse Method for Fertility Awareness. Learning cycle tracking as a tool for knowing ourselves more intimately (with a side effect of natural contraception & easeful pregnancy achievement.)

Inside: Root Answer Practice, Deep Winter Witch’s Brew, Let’s Get Cyclical [class recording], Pleasure As Compass & Queering the Womb

In the first month of the membership, we explored the theme Earth My Body. Asking what our actions, choices, and practices look like when we truly interrogate the inextricable relationship of earth & body. Not as merely symbolic, but as a tangible truth that can be expressed in our daily movements and how we relate to our body & the earth.

Inside: Imbolc Practice, New Moon Womb Meditation, Rooting Meditation, Transformational Breath, Pussy & Permaculture: Body Ecology & Conscious Contraception [class recording] + 17 PG PDF study guide exclusively for members, Earth My Body Offering containing harvesting practice, consent practice, walking with respect practice

COLLECTION NO. 1 // February 2019



EXP: MAY ‘19

CONTIRBUTORS: Marie Nèmeth, Kailea Frederick, Samantha Zipporah, Marissa Correia