Menstrual Mystery School


MARCH 28 - May 30

thursday evenings

5:30-7:30 PM PST


For Menstrual Mystics

Desiring To Learn From the Cyclical Wisdom of Body, Moon & Earth.

In this online group program we will meet 1 time a week for 10 weeks, as a council of 15 participants max, exploring the dynamic intelligence of the menstrual cycle.

Working with the cycle & womb-space as an internal compass, we will make our way around the wheel of menstruation, each week diving into a specific phase or transition in the cycle.

These explorations are rooted in the physiology of the menstrual cycle, our brilliant and responsive endocrine system and hormones, and the dance of all elements that give us insight into the creative signature of the menstrual cycle.

As we go deep into exploration of the body, we make our way into the cosmos. The cycles of our bodies are a microcosm of the wider cycles that we see in the moon and the earth.

In this program you will be supported in learning from the wisdom of your own body, and be given a key that unlocks the door to a one-of-a-kind mystery school in the very center of your own being.


Week 1: Orienting & Opening

Week 2: Surrender & Shed

Week 3: Awaken & Rebirth

Week 4: Blossom & Become

Week 5: Aim & Temper

Week 6: Fruition & Fullness

Week 7: Harvest & Celebrate

Week 8: Weave & Integrate

Week 9: Accept & Descend

Week 10: Closing Council



the body is

map to the cosmos

“Name the blood something holy, something mighty, something unlanguageable, something in hieroglyphs, something that sounds like the end of the world. “ — The Period Poem by Dominique Christina

The orchestration of hormones, communication between endocrine glands, from third eye to pelvis and back again; all of the elements involved in this cycle that mirrors the moon and seasons; the way our bodies respond, adapt & resolve to thrive. Who is to say that this story is any less magical that of the creation of the universe?

We are cyclical bodies in motion, orbiting ourselves, orbiting and being orbited by one another, spinning on the cyclical body of the earth, orbited by the moon. What information would we gather - about our lives, our purpose, our relationships, our healing, our growth, our deepest dreams and widest visions - if we were to finally choose to sit at the altar of our own bodies.

In this online group program you will be guided to build upon physiologic foundations, to cast your net out into the brilliant cosmos of your menstrual cycle, and see what self belief, radical creativity and divine power are gathered.

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the body is

map to the subconscious

“Agency starts with what scientists call interoception, our awareness of our subtle sensory, body-based feelings: the greater the awareness, the greater our potential to control our lives. Knowing what we feel is the first step to knowing why we feel that way. If we are aware of the constant changes in our inner & outer environment, we can mobilize to manage them.”

— The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

When our bodies can be a place of knowing-through-feeling we are given the gift of agency. If in any moment we desire to respond from an intelligent, informed & embodied space we must first be able to sense what we are feeling. One thing that keeps us from a functioning interoception is trauma, and let’s face it, there’s a collective veil of trauma surrounding reproductive health, whether we’ve experienced trauma directly or not.

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Each week we will have a group session that will blend elements of class, study, discussion, circle & meditation. We will have these sessions on Thursday evenings at 5:30PM PST through the online platform of Zoom. This can be downloaded for free, and is easy to use. You will need to set aside this time for yourself each week, to be available to drop in fully for these calls. Of course we understand that things come up, and we ask that you miss no more than 2 classes.



FLUENCY: Menstrual Literacy & Radical Self Care

In celebration of this brand new offering & those who will make this maiden voyage together, the prerequisite course, Cycle Fluency will be gifted free to all participants. Giving you a total savings on $167 on the program with the early bird discount!


Wild Power by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope (this book contains cis-normative language, equating having a menstrual cycle and a uterus to being a woman, if you think this will be triggering for you, you will not be required to read it), the content of the program will be just as relevant for you.


This program is designed to be a co-creative container worked with in real time. Please plan to not miss more than 2 sessions during our 10 weeks together. Of course, we understand that things happen that we don’t plan for and this is why all sessions will be recorded and sent out. If you know ahead that you would need to miss more than 2 sessions consider waiting for the next seasonal offering of this program. If you are feeling particularly called to the current session but you need to miss more than 2 sessions, just send me a message explaining your situation and we can see if we can find something that feels good.


Either at enrollment or at the start of the course you will be asked to begin your Menstrual Mystery Journal. In this journal you commit to writing at least once a day, noting what day of your cycle you’re on, and how you are feeling (can be a few words or a few pages). Please set aside a special notebook just for this.


+ ENROLLMENT: $333 or 2 payments of $166

your guide on

this journey:


In conjunction with your body wisdom & personal cosmology, I will be steering this spaceship through the passages of each phase and transitional day within the menstrual cycle, marked by the distinct shifts & shapes our hormones make. Because I have been teaching cycle education for years, and remained a forever student since I began, I’ve had an opportunity to get intimate with this information. Understanding how our cycles function & flow is fertile ground for the deeper inquiries that expand beyond the boundaries of self, weaving self into the context of the wider cycles of the moon & earth (to name a few, the possibilities are endless once we enter the temple of the body). From this base, with our internal compass, the explorations within the program work on you, held by the distinct container created by the unique individuals participating. — Marissa