Our bodies are so full of wisdom,

Let’s remember together.


This space has been created to normalize a body-literacy that is rooted in respect for oneself and the earth. Knowing our bodies is medicine for these times.

Cultivating an evolving, consensual, honoring relationship with our bodies makes our bodies safer places to inhabit. And as we make our bodies safer places to be, this earth body can become a kinder place to be for all beings.

A message from the founder:

As a menstrual cycle educator & holistic womb wellness guide I consider myself a forever student. Creating the Cyclical Body Membership is a reflection of this. I wanted to create a space where we could explore together, these topics that are often taboo to speak about or mystifying to find. My teachers have mainly been — my body, all bodies, the earth, the plants & midwives. And I’ve gathered together folks who do work in different facets of the field of menstrual health & womb wellness. As well as contributors who are healers, activists, earth stewards, humans, body-based practitioners, witches, herbalists and more to truly weave a web of wholeness because womb wellness does not exist in a vacuum and our bodies exist in relationship to one another and the entire ecosystem. My feeling is that every body is it’s own mystery school, and that the deeper we journey into the exploration and fascination of the body, we begin to access the cosmos.

— Marissa Correia, January 17, 2019.