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Pelvic Energy Medicine Sessions

Womb healing. Somatic based. Subtle body listening. Attuned Inquiry. Ovarian Energy Reading. Ancestral Lineage Healing. Guided Visualization. Energetic Mapping.

Overall we are working with the energetic presence of your pelvic bowl. This is a co-create process where we gather information together based on what your subtle & physical body is telling you. I offer you guidance, presence & witness in this process as it emerges for you. These sessions are subtle and gentle, yet super profound. Folks are usually surprised by what they see and learn from their own bodies and I am so honored to hold this space! You will leave the session with more tools in your pocket to connect with your own pelvic bowl and allow that relationship to blossom. These sessions are 60-75 min long.


These sessions are offered through distance - via zoom video call or phone call.

*Option to work together in person in San Diego, please contact me directly.



For those seeking holistic support, guidance & information in navigating their menstrual cycle experience, imbalances & symptoms, relationship to their menstrual cycle, understanding how their cycles and hormones work, the birth & postpartum time, abortion & miscarriage, menopause transitions, preparing themselves & their young one for honoring menarche, etc.

$50 - $90 Sliding Scale

Consultations are offered through distance - via zoom video call or phone call. Payment is made separately after you’ve scheduled your consultation.

3 Moon Immersion

I offer a 3 month program for those who are ready to take a deep-dive into their cyclical wisdom. For those who want to be held accountable, witnessed & guided on their journey of befriending their body, their menstrual cycle, their wholeness. Our time together will combine the cycle coaching work with the pelvic energy medicine with elements of subtle, energetic healing work & coaching.

In the 1st month we meet once a week

In the 2nd & 3rd month we meet twice a month / once every other week

8, 60 minute sessions total.

$397 or 4 payments of $100

Fill out the application below & from there we will schedule a phone call to connect & see if it’s a good fit for us to work together.


 Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

You can always reschedule your session. If for any reason you need to cancel your session:

  • 100% refund up to 10 days before your scheduled session

  • 50% refund up to 7 days before your scheduled session

  • If you are canceling within a week of your session as a general rule, no refund will be offered except for on case by case basis