Terms & Policies



The membership is a 4 month commitment. Whatever price you enroll into membership at, will remain your monthly price for the remainder of your membership commitment. At the end of your months, you will be able to continue your membership if you choose. At this time, if for any reason you do not want to continue with membership, you will be able to terminate your membership with no fee.


We do not charge a cancellation fee. We do however ask that upon signing up you are prepared to keep a 4 month commitment. Of course, we understand that things happen and if you ever need to cancel your membership you are able to do that.


All content that you receive as a member is for you only unless otherwise stated. Please do not share any of the content with people that are not a cyclical body member. What our teachers & contributors offer here are an extension of their life’s work, please respect this by keeping all of the videos, audio recordings, PDFs, and all content to yourself. You can of course discuss the content with others and share what you are learning, but we ask that the content remain available only to cyclical body members as we have designed it.