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Classes, Circles, Home Practices.


Womb Wellness. Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Circles. Classes. Community.

The membership was born out of the desire to make womb wellness & menstrual cycle awareness fun, accessible & woven into daily life.


earth + Body based

It is so important we understand that no aspect of life exists in a vacuum. The way we relate to the womb & the body has everything to do with how we relate to one another, all life on this planet & the earth itself. The offerings in the membership each month reflect this interconnectedness and contextualization to a wider, collective view.


The classes

These are the classes that are currently up in the Member Portal. When you subscribe you get instant access to them.

(which is just a fraction of what is in the Member Portal).


Holistic Breast Health with Kris González September 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 10.15.36 PM.png

Obsidian Womb Massage with Raven Rose
July 2019


CBD & Womb Wellness with Abigail Hinds
August 2019


fall/winter 2019 classes:

These are the classes that are coming up, which you can attend live when you become a member, or watch the recording on your own time.


Ritual Cyclical: Rituals for the Menstrual Cycle with Marissa Correia October 2019


Womb As Spirit Door: Full Spectrum Pregnancy Release with Samantha Zipporah November 2019


Celebrating 1 Year in the Membership: Interview Series with some of our favorite healers, teachers & guides. December 2019


Teachers & Contributors

Our teachers & contributors are womb healers, cycle educators, reproductive health advocates & practitioners, herbalists, astrologers, earth stewards and activists and more, all offering a vital piece of personal & communal womb wellness.


what you get:

When you become a member, you get instant access to everything that is currently in the Member Portal:


+ all of the upcoming offerings

Monthly Classes that are both live & recorded. Offered by various teachers, healers & guides working in some within the field of holistic womb wellness, somatics, menstrual cycle education and pelvic health.

Moon Offerings each month, either with the new & full moon or waxing & waning moon. These are smaller offerings that contribute to widening the lens on the subject of our class for that month. Usually include things like journal prompts, meditations, audio practices, exclusive interviews, etc.

Live Circles that follow the seasonal wheel of the year: solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter days in celebration of cyclical wisdom of the earth body together.

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cyclical body

monthly membership

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